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Our team will work to create a solution around your business, the challenges you face today and tomorrow, and we understand there is no “one size fits all” solution in the modern business world.

Whether your transportation and supply chain needs require dedicated service, or you simply need to move a one-time shipment from point A to point B, we are ready to learn more about your needs before booking your first successful shipment! Our courier services and deliveries include but are not limited to the listed services below.

Our services include:

Final Mile or Last Mile Pickup and Delivery

This service is designed to transport packages from a distribution center or warehouse to their final destination, which could be a business or residential address. This service typically involves a local courier or delivery driver who handles the package from the last distribution center to the destination. Final mile delivery can be a critical part of the supply chain, ensuring that products reach their end-users quickly and efficiently.

Medical supplies and Specimen Pickup and Delivery

This specialized delivery service is designed to transport medical supplies and specimens safely and securely. This may include the delivery of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, lab samples, and other medical-related items. The delivery service must adhere to strict regulations and guidelines, such as maintaining proper temperature control, handling biohazardous materials, and maintaining a chain of custody for sensitive materials.

Expedited and Same Day Pickup and Delivery

This delivery service offers faster delivery times than standard shipping. Expedited delivery services typically guarantee delivery within a specific time frame, such as 24 hours or 48 hours. Same-day delivery is also available in some areas and is typically used for urgent or time-sensitive shipments

Dry Van Service

Dry Van Service

We offer dry van services used for transporting goods. This service is commonly used to transport goods that need protection from the elements, such as electronics, clothing, or non-perishable food items. The trailer is typically loaded at a distribution center and transported to a destination without making any stops or unloading along the way.

Dedicated Courier Service

Dedicated Courier Service

We provide personalized delivery experience for every specific client. A dedicated courier is assigned to handle all shipments for each client, ensuring that packages are picked up and delivered on time and with care. This service can be beneficial for companies that have regular shipping needs and require a high level of reliability and accountability.

Legal or Architectural Document Pickup and Delivery

We specialize in the secured transportation of sensitive documents, such as legal or architectural papers. The service adheres to strict protocols to ensure that the documents are not damaged or lost in transit and that they are delivered to the correct recipient. This service include features such as tracking and electronic signature confirmation to provide extra security and peace of mind.

Government Contract Fulfillment

Government Contract Fulfillment

We provide logistics and transportation services for government agencies, including shipping of goods and materials, storage, and inventory management. The service meets strict requirements and regulations, including security protocols, proper labeling and documentation, and adherence to specific delivery schedules and deadlines. We understand this service is critical for companies that work with government agencies and require specialized expertise in logistics and supply chain management.

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